Yearbook 2022

Art direction & editorial design
9x6", 440 pages
Edition of 500

Rhode Island School of Design

2021 – 2022

Design: Alejandro Molestina, Bryson Lee, Jacob Hwan Lee, Leo Horton, Mankun Guo, Marcus Soltzberg, Maxton O’Connor, Minjun Choi, Mizuki Hanada,
Qinru Zhang, Sharlene Deng, Utkan Dora Öncül, Yasemin Sarihan

Documentation: Mankun Guo

Publishing: Meridian Printing

Each year, the RISD Design Guild is tasked with directing and designing the annual yearbook for the graduating class of students. For 2022, we began by asking “What is the one thing that each one of us has written more than anyone else in the world? Our own names.” This year’s theme — “What’s In a Name?” — tasked graduating students to present their names to the world.

Using a range of objects, clothing, and materials, students displayed their name in creative ways to be photographed. Each photograph was accompanied by a strip describing their performance; their craft, their experience at RISD, or themselves. Carefully designed and compiled, 500 copies of the yearbook were distributed to the graduating class, encapsulating their experience at RISD as a final memento.