Creative direction, editorial & identity design

Rhode Island School of Design


Design & marketing collaboration with Aanya Arora, Mahnoor Rafi, Jason Liao & Li June Choi

Event collaboration with Michael Farris, Aanya Arora, Victoria Liang, Juhi Nagpal, Na Yong Lee, Nooriyah Gulamhusein, Jason Liao, Li June Choi, Mahnoor Rafi, Isaiah Aladejobi, Yinjia Liu

Event photography by Yinjia Liu, Bart Saminski

As part of the organizing committee for RISD’s first-ever independently organized TEDx event, I had the pleasure of working with the marketing team to come up with a branding system what would encapsulate this year’s theme: Unravel: Ideas Worth Disentangling.

”Unravel“ captures the interconnected complexities that constitute the building blocks of our lives, ultimately informing our worldviews. To capture the complexities of the theme, we explored various visuals that were abstract, intertwined, and ever-changing. Using a simple letter ’x‘, we distorted and dissected it through various tools to create dynamic forms, ultimately creating a geometric, distorted form that gently ebbs and flows. This abstract pattern became the foundation of the visual system and was applied across all promotional materials and the stage design.