Big Sur-ifications

100+ awesome icons, crafted to perfection

Armed with the new aesthetic of macOS Big Sur, and a quest to improve my skills, I decided to redesign over a 100 Mac app icons to fit in with the icon aesthetic of macOS Big Sur. If you wish to download these icons for personal use, please visit


Detailed. Dramatic. Delicious. 

Each icon has been meticulously crafted using Apple's official template, with a variety of textures, materials and styles!


Including many popular apps

1Blocker・1Password・5217・Ableton Live・Adobe Suite・Affinity Designer・Affinity Photo・Affinity Publisher・Amphetamine・Android Studio・Android File Transfer・Autodesk Sketch・Bear Notes・Cinema 4D・cDock・CleanMyMac・Day One・Deliveries・Discord・Fontlab・Glance・Google Chrome・Google Chrome Canary・Google Drive・Google Docs・Google Sheets・Google Slides・Image2Icon・ImageOptim・iTerm・Keynote・MagicPrefs・Microsoft Edge・Microsoft Excel・Microsoft OneDrive・Microsoft OneNote・Microsoft Outlook・Microsoft PowerPoint・Microsoft Skype・Microsoft Teams・Microsoft To Do・Microsoft Visual Studio・Microsoft Visual Studio Code・Microsoft Word・Name Wrangler・ Notability・Notion・Numbers・Pages・Parallels Desktop・Permute・Quip・Redacted・Reeder・Reflector・Rhinoceros 3D QuipQuip・Sketch・Slack・Spotify・Steam・Sublime Text・Telegram・Things 3・ToothFairy・Tower・Trello・Unity Editor・Unity Hub・VMware Fusion・Wacom・WhatsApp・XScope・Yoink・YouTube Music・Zoom

...and so much more!

A real people pleaser!