Scintillations of darkness
Final Work (Digital)
Humans are complex creatures with a variety of human emotions, generally categorised to be either positive and negative. Yet for the past 3 years, that division became a blur for me, and the emotions began to bleed into one another. I was caught in a conflict, a battle between the 2 sides, a war that was only taking place within my head. This led to my impression of having multiples of myself interacting with each other, manipulating my thoughts and feelings such that I could no longer understand myself. The often conflicting peaks of exuberance and dips of melancholy dragged me down resulting in a slow degradation in my confidence, stamina and personality. The abstract manifestations that I had conjured up were inexplicable, yet this expressionist photographic work allowed me to portray the surrealistic multiples, while keeping intact the realistic representation of myself.
The final work was created by printing the two sides separately and sticking them together with aluminium sheets in between to hold the curvaceous structure. Fishing lines were attached at regular intervals to further support the curve and hang the artwork. This work was created for my GCSE 'A' Level H2 Art Coursework.
Final Work (exhibited)
Photo taking set-up (Row 1) and photo outcomes (Row 2). This experiment laid the foundation for the final photo taking as it allowed me to experiment different camera timings, lightings, colour of clothes and my own postures.
The final, compiled images were then printed and stuck to each other with metal sheets between them, and hung up using fishing lines with the help of 6 classmates to ensure the artwork was parallel to the ground.
Preparatory Boards created along the course of 7 months to show ideation, thought processes, experimentations and the final outcome.

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